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Project name : MicroShine clean shed, air shower room, clean room transformation

Project introduction: Design, production and installation of clean room, air shower room, etc.

Undertake time: 2015.4-2015.10

MicroShine was registered and established in December 2007. It is a foreign-invested enterprise located in the Baijiahu Science and Technology Industrial Park in Jiangning Development Zone. It is a professional manufacturer of LCD components and supporting backlight modules. Makosai Optoelectronics provides competitive and high value-added products and technologies in the field of communication electronics to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The headquarter of Makosai Optoelectronics was established in Beijing Jidao, South Korea. Founded in 1992, it already possesses the core component technology of liquid crystal display (LED), and has successfully occupied a place in the liquid crystal display industry. Marketing spreads to Asia, Europe and other regions. In order to achieve the goal, we continue to develop new products under the premise of ensuring quality, and move customers with confidence and humility! At present, Makosai Optoelectronics is in a stage of rapid development. Your joining will make Makosai Optoelectronics more competitive in the market.

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