Methods and precautions for maintaining fresh air in Nanjing air shower

May 22, 2019 Industry News 175 views

Products such as Nanjing air shower room are a kind of purification equipment with strong cleanliness. It is a bridge between clean room and non-clean room, and it is also a necessary passage for people from non-clean room to clean room. People will inevitably bring outdoor impurities into the room when using this equipment, thereby affecting the air quality in the clean room. Next we look at how to understand and Nanjing air shower should maintain the freshness of the air in the room, and matters should be noted that prior to use.

  1. Ways to maintain the freshness of the air in the room

1. For the staff, it is necessary to strictly follow the equipment use process when operating the equipment safely. The entrance and exit of the Nanjing wind shower room must be completely enclosed to prevent outdoor air from entering and affecting the operation of the equipment.

2. For the device itself, the wind leaching equipment requires regular cleaning in the room and ventilation, which requires equipment ventilation system has been in a time efficient working condition. At the same time, there are certain restrictions and rules on the number of air changes for the equipment.

3, for a reasonable flow of people and goods, it is important to maintain the freshness of the method of the room air in the air shower. Before the flow of people, whether to clean themselves in accordance with the requirements of use, and whether the logistics is operating normally, these must be strictly determined.

2. Precautions for use

1. Before entering the clean room, the staff need to remove all the items on their bodies that have an adverse effect on the clean room, such as watches, mobile phones, jewelry, etc.

2, air shower after entering the room need to wear professional clothing room, equipped with a dust cap, clean shoes, gloves and dust masks.

3. When leaving the clean room, you must ensure that the power supply of the room is cut off, so as to prevent leakage of electricity.

  You must maintain a careful and serious attitude in every job. This attitude is not only a driving force for strict requirements on your own behavior, but also an effective way to achieve efficient work. The operation of the Nanjing air shower room is also a manifestation of a serious attitude. We need to use this equipment carefully and do our part to maintain the freshness of indoor air.

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