Medium-efficiency/sub-high-efficiency V-type filter

May 13, 2019 air filter 332 views

Ecolead medium-efficiency/sub-high-efficiency V-type filter

Product Features:

l    Outer frame: plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame

l    Filter material: glass fiber or polypropylene

l    Maximum temperature: 80℃

l    Maximum humidity: 99%

l    Efficiency: ≥80%@1um (F8) ≥95%@0.3um (H10) (EN779)


l    Mainly used for intermediate filtration and advanced filtration of air conditioning system

l    Front filter of high efficiency filter

Initial resistance-air volume relationship curve

Common specifications and performance parameters

1. In case of specification and structure changes, the latest data provided by our company shall prevail

2. The company accepts orders for filters that are not specified in the table

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