Knowledge sharing of Nanjing Yixiou clean shed

May 16, 2019 Industry News 202 views

1. Clean shed concept

Clean shed, also known as dust-free shed, clean shed, grade 100 clean shed, grade 1000 clean shed, grade 10,000 clean shed, Mini environment, use anti-static transparent barrier material to enclose an independent small space in the clean room space , Adopting its own fan filter unit with high-efficiency filter (Hepa) and ultra-high-efficiency filter (Ulpa) to form a cleaner space than the outside area. Its grade is optional in turbulent flow 10~10000. The internal space is above 2 meters in height. The surrounding support columns can be equipped with silent universal wheels and stainless steel adjusting feet. It can be used with Nanjing Yixiou air shower room and transfer window to fundamentally control personnel, and the entry and exit of materials affects the cleanliness problem

2. Components of the clean shed:

The frame of the clean shed: stainless steel square tube, painted square tube, sand surface aluminum oxide profile.
The top of the clean shed: aluminum-plastic board, transparent acrylic board.
Clean shed air supply: FFU laminar flow hood, with fan filter unit
Surrounding gear: 0.3mmT antistatic grid curtain, imported or domestic acrylic sheet.

3. Purification level of clean shed:

Depending on the customer’s cleanliness requirements, areas with high requirements for cleanliness will choose a class 100 clean shed, and most customers will choose class 1,000 or class 10,000.

4. Cost comparison between clean shed and clean room:
Most customers will build clean sheds in areas with high purification requirements in clean rooms, regardless of the investment cost of the external transmission window, air shower, and air conditioning system of the clean shed. The cost of such a clean shed is about 40% of the cost of the clean room- 60% is also related to the customer’s purification shed material, grade and size. The larger the area of the clean shed required, the smaller the cost difference between the two. But some

The cost of the clean shed is about dust-free without considering the air-conditioning system, air shower room, transfer window and other purification equipment

40% to 60% of the workshop cost, which depends on the customer’s choice of clean shed materials and the size of the clean shed. Need to be clean

The larger the area, the smaller the difference between the cost of the clean shed and the clean room.

5. Advantages of clean shed:
Assembled structure design, fast speed, convenient installation, low investment cost, convenient maintenance, and can be reused in a simple clean room that can be installed with universal wheels and Fuma wheels, and can move freely;

6. Disadvantages of clean shed:
Because the external clean room has been built, the top space is limited. Due to the air supply, the clean shed often feels stuffy and hot. When the clean shed is selected at a relatively low level, it often brings some side effects: insufficient cooling capacity, and employees in the clean shed It feels sultry and hot, so you need to pay attention to this in the actual communication process with customers.

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