Knowledge of automatic winding filter (roller filter): unified answers to common customer questions

May 16, 2019 Industry News 210 views

Relying on years of experience in the production and sales of winding filters, installation and commissioning, Nanjing Yixiou Technology has summarized some common questions from users, and made some responses in a unified way to facilitate the design institute and direct users to be aware of the design and installation:

1. How much can the widest automatic winding filter be?

Because the special filter material for roller shutter filters on the market is two meters wide, plus the filter frame, Nanjing Yixiou’s winding filter can be as wide as 2110mm. Users can make modular designs based on this width. Optimize the design plan.

2. How much can the widest automatic winding filter be?

Ecolead’s filter can be up to 6 meters, and after accumulated experience in design and production in the past, due to the difficulty of installing the whole machine at a height of 6 meters and the limited space on the site, our company can quickly splice and install it on site, which is convenient and quick.

3. Does the filter have separate inlet and outlet sides during installation?

When making high-efficiency filters in junior high schools, there are points where the wind enters and exits. In order to protect the filter material from damage and run smoothly under high wind speeds, the air outlet surface of the roller shutter filter has a strong support net. When establishing the plan drawing, we will remind the customer to confirm the direction of the air inlet and outlet.

4. Up to several roller shutter filters in large ventilation corridors can be assembled

Generally, it is recommended that customers use a set of control systems for 3-6 units. Considering that the number is too large and the distance is too far, it will affect the accuracy of signal transmission.

5. What is the input power and power of the automatic winding air filter?

The input power of Ecolead’s winding filter is generally 380V, 50Hz, and the standard semi-finished product inventory is 380V. If the conditions are limited, customers can only use 220V power. Our company can make special.

The matching motor is an energy-saving geared motor. The power of a single motor is only 100W, and the operating power cost is quite low.

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