Jiangsu Aijin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

May 16, 2019 Performance and case 165 views

Undertaking time: 2016.12

This project is a renovation project. In order to upgrade and reform to pass the relevant standards of the pharmaceutical industry, the company added stainless steel air shower channels in the customer visit channels, powder workshops, and preparation workshops. It is used for blowing agent dust on the body when customers and staff leave the workshop. At the beginning of the project, the technicians of our company went to the reconstruction site of Aijin Agrochemical to carry out on-site measurement and drawing, and gave two alternatives. The customer also consulted the design scheme and price of other air shower manufacturers in the industry. In the end, it is considered that our company is a manufacturer of air showers in Nanjing. The future after-sales maintenance is convenient, and the price and configuration are relatively reasonable. Finally, the customer chooses to sign a contract with our company.

Jiangsu Aijin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. is a pesticide preparation processing, production and R&D enterprise. Strive to be the best pesticide preparation manufacturer and service provider in China. A wholly-owned subsidiary: Nanjing Essen Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in domestic sales and export of pesticides. The main customers come from domestic foreign trade companies and the international market. Holding subsidiary: Nanjing Aijin Plant Protection Co., Ltd., which provides branded pesticide products and unified prevention and control plant protection services for the domestic market.

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