Ishio who persisted in fighting till the end

May 18, 2019 company news 202 views

As the new year is approaching, the hard-working Ishio people are still struggling on their posts. With the gradual expansion of market demand, our company has shipped various types and specifications of winding filters throughout the country, including vertical automatic winding filters, horizontal automatic winding filters, and fully automatic PLC. Controlled, there are also fully manual control, and a Taiwan-funded enterprise has ordered more than a dozen sets of manual control, automatic winding filters. Although the temperature has dropped near the end of the year, fortunately, the weather is still good and there has been no rain or snow in recent days. Warehouse management personnel, loading and unloading personnel, forklift drivers and cargo masters each perform their duties, and everything is carried out in an orderly manner. There is not enough indoor space, so the long-haul truck loads the winding filter outdoors, and the vehicles that have already loaded the cargo drove to other areas to cover rain cloths and tie ropes. Every Isio person is passionate about work. Let’s take a look at the enthusiasm of hard-working Isio people for work.

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