Introduction to the product structure of automatic roller shutter filters

May 22, 2019 Industry News 312 views

Since the automatic winding filter is widely used in various fields, its structure and frame must be strong and light, easy to transport and install on site. First, I will introduce the whole structure of Nanjing Yixio automatic winding filter, which can be divided into upper filter box (new filter material), lower box mechanism, column frame, grid and stopper groove, and transmission mechanism. , Intelligent control system and filter material composition.

1. Upper filter material box (new filter material): Place clean filter material rolls for use. The filter material box is equipped with a filter material limit plate and a filter material alarm.

The filter material limit plate mainly increases the friction of the filter material roll to prevent the filter material from automatically sliding down. When the filter material is nearly used up, the filter material limit plate can activate the filter material alarm.

2. Box-loading mechanism: mainly rolls dirty or contaminated filter material. The main accessories are drive shaft, chain, link shaft.

3. Column frame: The main material can be selected with aluminum profiles, steel paint or stainless steel 304 materials, etc., to use different environments and price budgets.

4. Grid and stopper groove : its function is to ensure that the filter material is perpendicular to the direction of air intake and to ensure a flat surface. The stainless steel retaining grid of Nanjing Yixiou automatic winding filter plays a better supporting role, especially in the automatic roller shutter with ultra-high wind speed and ultra-high size, to ensure that the filter material is not easy to bend and replace the filter material The smaller resistance reduces the load of the motor.

5. Transmission mechanism: The high-performance reducer we selected to ensure that it can run in the harshest environment.

Domestic optional three-phase 380V or single-phase 220V, 50Hz power supply

6. Intelligent control system: PLC control and time pressure difference control ensure a high-efficiency replacement cycle and reduce labor costs in operation. The control system can be divided into automatic mode and manual mode. Under the automatic mode, the filter material can be automatically rolled down without the need for personnel to go to the equipment, and everything is done automatically. When the filter material alarms (buzzer and indicator light alarm), it reminds that a roll of filter material has been completely rolled, and the staff uses manual mode to replace the filter material. After the filter roll is replaced, the automatic mode and automatic roller shutter will be restored. It will work normally.

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