Installation and maintenance of air duct type automatic rolling shutter filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 186 views

Duct type automatic rolling shutter filters are mainly used in industries such as food, medicine, and high-precision instruments. The commonality of these industries is that they have high requirements for cleanliness. The installation and transportation of the filter before use have certain operating specifications, and the subsequent maintenance also needs to be scientific and reasonable.
1. During the transportation of the air duct type automatic rolling filter , you must be careful and handle it with care. Prevent damage to the inside of the filter device during the process, especially the filter screen.
2. Pay special attention to the bumping problem. Don’t use too much impact force to avoid damage.
3. There are also certain requirements for the handlers, no corrosive liquids on the hands, so as not to cause corrosion of the equipment.
4. The temporary storage location should be relatively constant temperature, and the humidity should meet the highest humidity requirements of the equipment, and the ventilation of the storage location should be ensured. After transportation to the relevant equipment use location, the equipment should be debugged and installed.
5. Prior to this, prepare for the installation location. Temperature, pressure, and humidity are all reference factors, because if the conditions are not suitable, the life of the equipment will be shortened, and problems will also occur during use.
6. It is also inevitable to check the basic condition of the equipment before installation, so as to avoid damaged or deformed places, it is difficult to repair after installation. The most important thing to pay attention to during installation is the guarantee of sealing performance.
7. At the same time, the airflow direction of the air inlet and outlet should be scientific and reasonable. After the installation is completed, a person from the manufacturer is responsible for the equipment debugging. If there is no problem after the debugging, it can be put into production.
8. In the later period of use , the filter cleanliness of the air duct type automatic rolling curtain filter needs to be tested regularly, and it must meet the standards required for production. If the standard is not met, find out the reason immediately.
In addition, the maintenance and maintenance in the later period should not be tired. The company arranges special personnel for regular maintenance and maintenance operations, especially when the air duct type automatic winding filter is not used for a long time, regular maintenance and maintenance should be performed to prevent damage to equipment parts .

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