How to do a good job in the design of the roller shutter air filter?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 216 views

For the design of automatic roller shutter air filters, customers often come to learn about the relevant knowledge of roller shutter filter selection after the design institute or environmental engineering company has completed the design plan and construction drawings. On-site civil construction or steel frame structure has been completed, even if there are many dissatisfactions, it is impossible to make corrections. In order to avoid the above problems due to the lack of design experience of the roller shutter filter, this article systematically introduces the design preparation work of the roller shutter air filter:

One,           Roller blind filter processing air volume

The processing air volume is one of the most important indicators in the filter design, and we also select the size based on this indicator. The volume of gas that can be purified by a rolling filter device in one hour. The unit is cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h) . The reasonable choice of air volume is often determined based on process conditions and experience. Sewage treatment plants, large blowers, and air compressors are equipped with winding filters to protect the back-end equipment. The design institute generally recommends that the air volume of the equipment is *1.5 or 2 to select the roller shutter filter. When designing or selecting a roller shutter filter according to the air volume, it is generally not recommended that the filter be overloaded for a long time under the design air volume. Otherwise, the filter cotton will be easily blocked, the life span will be shortened, the pressure loss will increase, the filtering effect will be reduced, and even the overall The frame is seriously deformed.

two,           Design wind speed of roller blind filter

Filtering speed is an important factor that determines the filtering effect. We usually recommend a design wind speed of 2.5m/s. Under the right wind speed, the filter cotton has the best effect in intercepting particles. Too high a filtering speed will cause excessive pressure loss, flying particles cannot be effectively intercepted, reducing the interception effect, and making the roller blind filter easy to block. The wind speed calculation formula is m3/min.m2=m/min , which is the ratio of the filtered gas flow (m3/min) to the effective filter area (m2) of the roller shutter. For some customers who are limited in space and cannot select according to the recommended wind speed, increasing the filter speed can reduce the filter area required by the filter, so that a smaller filter device can be used to achieve the same processing air volume.

three,           Roll-up filter temperature and humidity

The operating temperature of the roller shutter filter will affect the two configurations. The first is the maximum temperature resistance of the roller shutter filter. The temperature resistance of the ordinary roller shutter filter material does not exceed 80 degrees, and the temperature exceeding 80 degrees requires special production. High temperature resistant filter material; secondly, the material selection of the overall roller shutter filter is affected. If the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, some plastic components such as limit switches, differential pressure switches, etc., require special treatment or purchase of high temperature resistant components.

If the humidity of the rolling curtain type is high, it is recommended to install a dehumidifying and defogging filter at the front end to effectively intercept and drain a large amount of water vapor, so as not to affect the filtering effect of the back end.

four,           Use environment of roller shutter filter

If the roller blind filter is used in some chemical plants and pharmaceutical factories, we will carry out explosion-proof and anti-corrosion treatments according to the special needs of customers. Some gases that are irritating and harmful to the human body are filtered. How to protect personal safety to the utmost extent and replace them more conveniently and quickly is also within our design range.

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