How to deal with common problems in air shower

May 22, 2019 Industry News 192 views

At lunch today, I heard the technical maintenance staff chatting, and I just listened to it when I had nothing to do. It turned out that they were discussing that customers approached them or requested on-site repairs because of improper maintenance or some minor problems. I saw one person at the beginning and others also talked about how they encountered the customers. After listening to it for a while, I left and came back after thinking about this issue, so I wrote this news, hoping to bring some to all customers. It helps to reduce the workload of some staff at the same time; in fact, there are generally no major problems in the air shower, and usually small problems can be solved by myself through the general problems described below.

1. Power switch, usually there are four places in the air shower room to cut off the power:

1. The power switch of the outdoor cabinet of the air shower;

2. The control panel of the air shower chamber;

4. On the outer box on both sides of the air shower room (the power switch here can prevent the power supply from being cut off in an emergency, and effectively improve our personal safety). When the power indicator is not working, please check the power supply of the above four air shower rooms again.

2. When the fan of the air shower is not working, check whether the emergency switch of the outdoor box of the air shower is cut off at the first time.

3. The fan in the air shower room is reversed or the wind speed in the air shower room is very small. Please be sure to check whether the 380V three-phase four-wire line is reversed. Generally, a dedicated electrician will connect the wires during factory installation; if the air shower room is reversely connected The light source will cause the fan in the air shower room to not work or the wind speed of the reverse air shower room will decrease, and the severe one will burn the circuit board of the entire air shower room; we should not change the wiring lightly.

4. The air shower room does not blow. In addition to the above three points, it is necessary to check whether the emergency stop button inside the air shower room box is pressed. If the emergency stop button is in warp color, the air shower room will not blow; To press the emergency stop button again, it can work normally.

5. When the air shower cannot automatically sense the shower, check the light sensor system in the lower right corner of the air shower room to see if the light sensor device is installed correctly. If the light sensor is opposite and the light sensor is normal, the air shower can be automatically sensed. .

6. When the wind speed of the air shower room is very low for a period of time, please check whether the initial and high efficiency filters of the air shower room have too much dust. If so, please replace the filter. (The primary filter in the air shower room is generally replaced within 1-6 months, and the high-efficiency filter in the air shower room is generally replaced within 6-12 months)

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