How to deal with common faults in Nanjing air shower

May 22, 2019 Industry News 190 views

Nanjing air shower, as the name suggests, is a purification equipment for personnel and goods to be blown and showered. This kind of equipment is commonly used in various production workshops that have strict requirements on air quality. Nanjing air shower equipment is used very frequently and is the core channel for people and goods to enter and exit. Therefore, after a long time, a series of different failures sometimes occur. When the cargo shower room equipment fails, we, as the Nanjing air shower room manufacturer , have compiled a set of corresponding maintenance methods, let us take a look.

    1. The fan of Nanjing air shower room suddenly does not work

    This situation is usually caused by the sudden cut off of the emergency switch of the cargo air shower box. At this time, you should check whether the switch is cut off. If you are sure that the switch has been cut off, then you just need to lightly press the switch with your hand, then turn it to the right, and finally release it.

    2. The fan speed of the Nanjing air shower room is very small

    The low speed of the fan may have a certain relationship with the line connection. We must carefully check whether the rated volt three-phase four-wire line is reversed under the premise of ensuring product quality. If the line source of the air shower is reversed, the fan in the air shower will not work or the wind speed of the air shower will decrease. At this time, it is necessary to cut off the main brake and reconnect the wires in the correct way.

    3. The power indicator of Nanjing air shower room is not connected

    There are generally four switches in the air shower room , and they are all connected to each other. When the power indicator of the air shower room is not on, please check whether the switch is disconnected. The power switch of the outdoor box of the air shower, the control panel of the indoor box of the air shower, and the switches on the outer boxes on both sides of the air shower.

    Fourth, the valve port of the Nanjing air shower room is blocked

    This situation is generally related to cleaning. Only need to disconnect the power supply, regularly use special cleaning tools to effectively clean the equipment, remove the blockage, and maintain the efficient use of the equipment.

    In short, every failure in the Nanjing air shower room has its own reasons, either improper use, incorrect wiring, or too frequent use, some components are aging, and each failure caused by each cause has its own corresponding failure.的处理方法。 Treatment methods. Responding to failures should keep a clear mind and not go the same way, so that things can be handled more efficiently. Of course, if there is a problem with the equipment, you must choose professional maintenance personnel to deal with it. If it still cannot be solved smoothly, please feel free to contact our Nanjing air shower after-sales staff.


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