How to choose Nanjing Yixio automatic roller shutter filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 193 views

Are you planning to buy an automatic rolling filter ? Are you worried about how to buy a filter that suits you? Nowadays, many people will ask about the price and technical methods of automatic rolling filter . In order to save everyone’s precious time, let me do a pre-order preparatory work for you here!


1. Determine the required air volume and design wind speed


This is the basis for choosing an automatic rolling filter model. As the primary task of quotation, we should calculate the appropriate filter size through calculation formula based on the design requirements of air volume and wind speed. Through the filter size, we can easily calculate the approximate price of the filter.


2. Determine the input power on site


Although the size of the on-site input power supply is not a factor affecting the price, it is an important reference standard for ordering motor equipment. If you have no requirements for the three-phase or single-phase of the motor, then the manufacturer will generally supply it in accordance with the standard three-phase. However, if there are corresponding site conditions and there is no supply of three-phase power, a certain amount of material and financial resources will be wasted, and on-site wiring will be specially carried out.


3. Determine whether there are corrosive gases and substances on site


The condition of the on-site filter media directly affects the choice of material for the automatic roller blind filter . Under normal environmental conditions, we will use cold-rolled steel plate paint. If the environment contains corrosive gas, we generally choose the whole machine stainless steel SUS304. But if it is used in special environments, such as the seaside, due to the heavy salt spray, we will use SUS316.


4. Determine whether there are flammable and explosive gases and substances on site


If there are flammable and explosive gases at the site, the whole machine must be explosion-proof, and a special explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof electric control box must be provided, and the wiring must be explosion-proof. The hazard coefficient must be minimized. So as not to cause irreparable losses.


The selection of automatic roller shutter filters should be based on safety as the primary basis, combined with the surrounding environment for selection, so that you can find a filter that suits you and create greater benefits.



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