How long is the service life of the Nanjing air shower generally

May 22, 2019 Industry News 234 views

Users who have used the Nanjing air shower have a problem. How long will the service life of the air shower be? How long can it be used? Is it the same as the air filter replacement cycle, does it require regular replacement and maintenance? Since the air shower room is also equipped with a primary filter and a high-efficiency filter, the two filters will usually be replaced.

The service life of the air shower room is determined by the main material and environment of the Nanjing air shower room . Normally, whether it will be maintained regularly or not also determines the service life of the air shower room. In this regard, I will tell you what are the factors affecting the service life of the air shower room?

Generally speaking, if it is used in a humid environment, the life will be short, but it will be longer in a dry environment. Due to the humid environment, it will also cause some corrosion to the inside and outside of the air shower, especially the electrical part occasionally has a small impact, but it does not have much impact. Of course , the use time of Nanjing air shower rooms of different materials will also be different.

1. Stainless steel air shower

The air shower room of this kind of material is the most durable, and the use time is about 10-15 years. Although the initial investment will be higher, the return on investment is still very high. If it is used and stored in ordinary times, it should be convenient to ventilate and dry the environment, and it may eventually be used for about 20 years.

Two, color steel plate air shower room

This is the material with the shortest use time in the Nanjing air shower, generally only about 3 to 5 years. Because its material is sandwich color steel plate, the door body is easily deformed when it is frequently opened and closed. The control system does not work for a long time, and the entire wind shower room equipment is useless. Generally speaking, the color steel plate air shower rooms on the market have basically been eliminated. Therefore, it is not recommended that the users of the air shower room should choose the color steel plate air shower room.


3. Air shower room for cold-rolled steel plate baking varnish

The service life of the cold plate paint air shower room is 10 years, and it can be used for about 15 years in a dry environment. If it can be maintained properly, the service life is about the same as that of a stainless steel air shower, mainly to prevent moisture and corrosion, or the iron plate is easy to rust when touched. Once the surface is corroded, the overall look is very ugly.

For the equipment of Nanjing air shower room , because of different materials, there will be different service life. But as long as it is well maintained and maintained, it is not impossible to extend its service life.

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