How does the automatic roller shutter filter work?

May 16, 2019 Industry News 249 views

This article mainly introduces some basic working principles of the automatic winding filter. We hope that through our introduction, we can bring you some help.

Automatic rolling filter has two basic functions, one is automatic mode and manual mode!

In the automatic mode, when the dust-containing air passes through the filter, the dust is blocked in the fiber layer of the filter material. When the resistance of the fiber layer increases to the upper differential pressure value due to agglomeration of dust, the differential pressure switch will act and transmit the signal to the Ecolead Nanjing Yixio- intelligent PLC control system, start the motor, and automatically wind to replace the clean filter material to filter The ventilation system is maintained in a normal resistance state, so as to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system.

The automatic mode adopts the automatic differential pressure control method: Ecolead intelligent PLC control box is connected to the differential pressure switch signal, the filter material exhaustion alarm signal, and the motor thermal overload protection signal interface

The principle is: when the difference between the pressure before and after the filter reaches the upper limit of the set value, the differential pressure sensor outputs a signal to control the rotation of the motor and start to replace the clean filter material. When the set rolling time is reached, the PLC outputs a signal to control the motor to stop working.

The control system is equipped with a material end alarm signal. The equipment is equipped with a limit plate. When the clean filter material is about to be used up, the limit plate touches the limit switch and sends out a signal to give an alarm at the end of the material to remind the staff to replace the filter material.

In manual control mode: an electric control cabinet is set on site, and filter material exhaustion alarm is set. The user can press the motor switch to replace the filter material at any time according to the site conditions.

The above is mainly a brief introduction to everyone about the control knowledge points of the automatic winding filter. I hope that the content mentioned above can help you.

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