How does PLC automatic control ensure the accurate material change of the automatic rolling filter?

May 18, 2019 company news 208 views

The automatic rolling filter, as the name suggests, is a filter that can automatically perform the winding function. So how does this function achieve the purpose of accurately replacing the curtain-wound filter material, and avoid the untimely replacement of the filter material or the excessive new filter material that is wound, which causes unnecessary waste.

First of all, let’s start with the development process of the control method of the roller shutter filter. The roller shutter filter is generally divided into PLC automatic control, circuit board control, manual control and other methods. In terms of current customer use conditions, PLC automatic With its stable control performance, simple on-site debugging work chooses the largest proportion of people.

There are manufacturers on the market that use Siemens LOGO PLC. The PLC is started by pressure difference, but only a fixed winding time can be set. The winding time is the same every time. This will cause an inevitable defect: The winding filter has different lengths and different diameters. When replacing the filter material of the automatic winding filter, the dirty filter material is wound on the old filter material winding tube. The diameter of the filter volume is getting larger and larger. The length of the filter material is getting longer and longer. Sometimes the dirty filter material on the filter section is not completely replaced, sometimes it is replaced too much, and the filter material is wasted. The higher the height, the more obvious. It can be seen that this PLC cannot guarantee the accurate replacement of the filter material of the automatic winding filter. We have encountered some customers who reluctantly chose the manual control function for this reason, which caused the PLC function to be useless.

The automatic winding filter produced by Nanjing Yixiou Technology Development Co., Ltd. adopts a self-developed PLC control program, a control program tailored for automatic rolling curtain air filters. The rolling curtain filters are based on different heights. Set different filter material lengths for customers to ensure a certain number of replacements. Each time you replace the wound filter cotton, there is a corresponding winding time (set before leaving the factory, adjustable), and the set time should be adjusted appropriately with the increase of the number of windings, so there will be no waste of filter material. phenomenon. The PLC of this filter has the functions of automatic control and manual control as a whole. When in use, press the control panel button on the electric control cabinet to enter the required control function as needed. In addition, it also has the on-site alarm function of motor failure alarm and the whole roll of filter material exhaustion alarm. Two passive dry contacts with alarm functions are reserved for remote connection, which can be integrated into the central control function and monitored in the control room. The use condition of the on-site automatic winding filter.

It can be seen that Nanjing Yixiou’s winding filter PLC control system combines the advantages and advantages of automatic control, and can completely and accurately ensure the accuracy of the filter replacement process.

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