How about the original imported roll-up filter, is it really better than the domestic roll-up filter?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 213 views

As a kind of unpopular filter product, the automatic roller shutter filter produced by Nanjing Ecolead Ecolead has only a few domestic manufacturers. Sometimes it communicates with foreign customers and also contacts imported brand winding filter manufacturers such as Japan and South Korea. How about the imported automatic roller shutter filter ? Will it really be better than the domestic wind-up filter technology and control function? The technicians of Nanjing Yixio also did some in-depth investigations.

Imported roller shutter filters occupy a place in the Chinese market, in fact, because of many reasons. First of all, in the minds of many Chinese customers, imported equipment itself is better than domestic equipment. Many customers trust foreign technology and feel that the equipment they produce is of reliable quality, superb technology and long service life. This deep-rooted idea has prompted many Chinese customers to purchase imported equipment. Even if the price/performance ratio is super unreasonable, you can ignore it. For example: TROX imported automatic winding filter, a single unit imported from Germany to the country, the price of a single unit is tens of thousands, and the delivery period is 1-2 months. Due to its special design, the replacement of its filter materials and consumables It is necessary to replace the filter cartridge together, and the consumables cost several thousand yuan. Both the initial investment and the replacement cost of the filter material are very high. In recent years, some customers have asked us to optimize the structure of the TROX roller shutter filter, and the maintenance cost has been greatly reduced . The replacement cost of filter materials has been reduced from the original 4000 yuan to about 1000 yuan. Among them, the economically wise customers can see it at a glance. Come everywhere.

Secondly, the imported equipment is mainly used by some foreign-funded enterprises. They bring their domestic suppliers to China to invest and build factories. They are also accustomed to using domestic equipment. Among the Japanese, Korean, European and American customers we have contacted, there are many holding them. The domestic supplier’s sample book is translated to us, and we need to make products with consistent appearance and consistent control functions. If it is not for the high transportation tariff cost and the long delivery period, they will not give it to the Chinese automatic winding filter manufacturers. Any opportunity for supply.

In fact, our domestic coiled filter has many advantages. Both in terms of design structure and control, we have successfully absorbed international experience, abandoned the dogmatic shortcomings that some foreign manufacturers can only make in fixed sizes, and accept any size. The non-standard orders required by the design meet the needs of customers in all aspects, especially the design preferences of some foreign enterprise customers to the original domestic suppliers. After decades of experience accumulation, Nanjing Yixiou has developed a large number of automatic roller shutter filter customers, including owners of foreign-funded enterprises, engineering companies, design units, and also export many related products to foreign countries. Hope that more and more colleagues and users can understand the core competitiveness of domestic automatic rolling air filter manufacturers, and can promote longer-lasting cooperation.

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