How about the control system of the rolling air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 216 views

In today’s life and work, it’s already difficult to breathe fresh and natural air. Therefore, air filters have begun to come out. With the development of technology, there is now a roll-up air filter that has won since its launch. It has been well received. For such a new technology, it has an extremely intelligent and stable control system. This article will introduce the control system of the roller shutter air filter in detail.

The control system of this air filter is automatically controlled. In this set of equipment, filter materials are used, and a set of equipment is installed at the air inlet, called a differential pressure controller, which can be finalized according to the needs of users. Adjustment of resistance.

When the pressure difference in the equipment is high, that is, it has exceeded the originally adjusted final resistance, the motor in operation will be adjusted through the control system at this time, and the entire system will perform the operation of replacing the filter material.

In the rolling curtain air filter equipment, the length of the filter material will be adjusted in advance, and this data is stored in the computer control system, so that when the filter material is replaced, it can be replaced according to the originally set data.

When the motor is refueling, the laser grid photoelectric control system will be activated at the beginning, and this system will also record the length of each replacement when the filter is replaced, and finally save the data.

The function of storing this data is to compare it with the originally set data. Once the replacement length reaches the originally set value, the motor can be controlled through the control system, so that the operation can be stopped. In this control system Under the action of, the rolling curtain air filter can automatically replace the filter material.

It can be seen from the above that the current coiled air filter has an extremely advanced control system. Under this system, only need to be adjusted in the factory in advance, the filter material can be automatically replaced, and the work is stable and perfect. No need for manual intervention and supervision.

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