Fuyang Jingcheng Coating Co., Ltd. Coating Waste Gas System Modification

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Project Name: Fuyang Jingcheng Coating Line Upgrade and Transformation Automatic Roller Blind Filter

Project introduction: automatic primary filter rolling curtain air filter for coating line

Undertaking time: 2016.4

Hangzhou Fuyang Jingcheng Coating is an enterprise specializing in the production and processing of cosmetic glass containers. It is also the first domestic enterprise specializing in glass bottle coating, printing and hot stamping and the first manufacturer to mass-produce international cosmetics brands.
On the basis of a high starting point, Fuchun people follow the business philosophy of putting people first, respecting science, seeking truth and being pragmatic. Actively introduce senior management personnel and professional technical personnel with rich experience, strictly abide by the production and operation rules that are in line with international standards, and have advanced equipment and strong process technology development capabilities, and have formed a complete set of production and sales management systems and products Quality assurance system. Fuchun not only provides customers with high-quality services and products, but also becomes an important part of the culture of various excellent cosmetics brands.
For many years, well-known domestic and foreign brand customers such as “Kose”, “Butterfly”, “Pacific”, “Shiseido”, “Kanebo”, “Miso” and “Marumi” who have been with us to grow for many years are their trust. , Gives us Fuchun people great confidence and firm belief in facing difficulties and striving for a first-class brand.

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