Fujitsu FUJITSU air conditioning unit fresh air shutter filter

May 16, 2019 Performance and case 280 views

Fujitsu Electronic Components (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. has installed Nanjing Yixi Ecolead automatic rolling curtain air filter at the new air outlet of the central air-conditioning unit in the newly built workshop. After many technical dockings, it was finally decided that the connection method between the filter and the Shenling air-conditioning unit was flange connection, which was different from the traditional method of putting the coiled filter inside the air-conditioning unit, which reduced the cost of the air-conditioning unit and reduced the air-conditioning unit. The occupied area is very conducive to the operation of daily filter replacement. The wrap-around filter is configured in different sizes corresponding to different air volume requirements and flange dimensions such as 6000CMH, 8000CMH, 21500CMH, etc. of the air conditioning unit.

The air inlet is equipped with a roller shutter filter with excellent filtering performance and automatic winding operation, which guarantees the high-efficiency and trouble-free normal operation of the air-conditioning unit to the maximum extent; minimizes the number of shutdowns. The supporting application of Nanjing Yixi’s Ecolead automatic winding filter and Shenling air conditioning unit equipment greatly protects the service life and use effect of the back-end equipment. Everything is the premise of excellent air quality and product quality in the clean room. . This makes the relays produced by Fujitsu have excellent performance and quality, and the product quality level is higher than that of ordinary manufacturers.

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