Fujian Huajiacai Co., Ltd.

May 20, 2019 Performance and case 239 views

Project Name: Air Shutter Filter for Fresh Air Area of Ventilation System

Undertaking time: 2016.10

Huajiacai Company was registered in Putian, Fujian in June 2016. Before and after, many local engineering companies in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Fujian contacted our company to design and quote the roller shutter air filter, and finally formally formally established a formal agreement with an engineering company in Fujian in September 2016. Signed a contract for the production of automatic roller shutter filters for this project. Fujian Huajiacai specializes in thin film transistors, thin film transistor liquid crystal display devices, color filter glass substrates, organic light emitting diodes (OLED), 3D displays and other new flat panel display devices and parts, electronic devices, computers and their components Manufacturing, production, research and development, design, import and export sales, maintenance and after-sales service of components and peripheral equipment.

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