Four advantages of rolling air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 191 views

As we all know, the air contains a lot of dust, which is generally harmless to the human body. However, with the development of industry and changes in the ecological environment, the dust in the air has exceeded the range of people’s tolerance. They have been working and living in such an environment for a long time. , It is a great threat to human health, so various filters have been produced. Among them , the roller curtain air filter is widely used with its unique advantages. It is mainly responsible for removing particulate impurities in the air. Let us take a look at its specific advantages.

1. Large filtration area

There are many specifications of the roller shutter air filter , but the most important point is that the filter area is large, which is suitable for the environment that requires a large area and large-scale treatment of harmful particles in the air, and the effect of a single filter is better than that of ordinary filters. .

2. Low operating cost

Most of the roller blind filter adopts automatic control system, and at the same time, it can precisely control the winding length of the filter material, which can save the filter material, and the price of the filter material itself is not high;

3. Long service life

This is mainly from the perspective of filter material replacement. A roll of filter material can be used multiple times for a long time without the need to shut down and replace each time. At the same time, the frame around the filter material can be used permanently;

4. Simple maintenance

On the one hand, the filter material does not need to be disassembled and cleaned frequently, and there is no need to manually replace the filter material on a new side, which greatly saves manpower. The staff needs to pay attention to it at any time in the central control room.

The rolling curtain air filter has simple structure, convenient production and processing, and easy installation. For the user, it is simple to operate and hassle-free maintenance. It is a good air filter and is suitable for various places, especially for large air volumes. Purification of low wind pressure environment.

Roller curtain air filter has its indispensable position. We know that many industrial production must be carried out in a relatively clean space, such as pharmaceutical factories, precision electronics, and other environments. There should be no dust in these environments, so air filters are needed. , To ensure that the air in the environment is clean.

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