Filtration principle and installation requirements of thousand-grade clean shed

May 22, 2019 Industry News 212 views

A thousand-grade clean shed refers to the removal of harmful gases, bacteria and other pollutants in the air in a fixed space, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow distribution, and static electricity are controlled within a certain specified range. Special design is given A simple isolation and purification system that meets the expected demand.

       The filtering principle of the thousand-grade clean shed filter:

After the small particles of dust in the thousand-level clean shed are diffused significantly, the wind speed is significantly reduced, the airflow residence time is longer, and the dust hits the obstacle, so the filtration efficiency is higher. For high-efficiency filters, when the wind speed is reduced by half, the dust passing rate will be reduced by one level, and when the wind speed is doubled, the dust passing rate will double.

       In a situation similar to the diffusion effect of a thousand-grade clean shed, when the filter material is charged with static electricity, the longer the dust filtering time, the higher the possibility of being adsorbed. Changing the wind speed will change the efficiency of the electrostatic filter. When removing static electricity on the material, design the air conditioner to reduce the air volume of each filter as much as possible. The higher the wind speed, the greater the resistance, if the service life of the filter will be based on the resistance. The higher the wind speed, the shorter the service life of the filter. According to the traditional theory, after the wind speed is reduced, the collision probability between the fiber and the dust will be reduced, and the filtering efficiency will be reduced. This phenomenon is not obvious, because the wind speed is small, the rebound force of the fiber is also small, and the dust is more likely to be stuck.

      Installation requirements for thousand-grade clean shed:

1. All the clean sheds in the maintenance factories of the prefabricated dust-free workshops are processed in accordance with the uniformly specified parameters, which is suitable for mass production of products, stability of quality, and speed of supply.

2. The production workshop is more flexible, which is not only suitable for installation in newly-built workshops, but also suitable for the purification and transformation technology of the workshop. It can also be combined freely according to the needs of the process during maintenance, which is convenient for disassembly.

3. The area required for a thousand-level clean shed is small, and the requirements for building decoration are low. As long as the FFU is arranged according to the cleanliness level, the expected purification effect can be achieved.

4. The airflow organization in the workshop is reasonable, which can meet all kinds of work requirements and any working environment. It also meets the requirements of different cleanliness levels. It is a flexible and simple dust-free workshop.

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