Feasibility analysis of self-developed automatic roller shutter filter by customer

May 22, 2019 Industry News 196 views

The sales staff of Nanjing Yixiou often encounter customers who think that self-developed roll-up filters are better than outsourcing. Many business leaders will take it for granted that self-developed roll-up filters can better match their own needs, and they can also do it themselves. Maintenance is highly controllable, and the most important point can save costs.

First of all, the cost of self-use development is too high. If only a few units are used, the cost is not lower than that of outsourcing. The editor has a Zhejiang customer who originally developed a VOC exhaust emission equipment to use with his own in order to save costs. In the end, due to lack of experience, the transmission mechanism could not operate normally, resulting in the entire exhaust system not being able to effectively filter the exhaust gas. The gas emission standard is really not worth the gain. Finally became a long-term customer with our company,

Secondly, although the roller shutter filter is not a very high-tech product, many companies with industrial automation and sheet metal processing capabilities can indeed develop independently. However, the winding filter looks simple, and it also integrates the knowledge of mechanical manufacturing, transmission principle, PLC automation control, etc. It is a team development project that requires a comprehensive range of talents, and its development cost is not low.

Secondly, the company’s internal personnel are restricted by industry and position, unable to grasp the latest technical concepts and development trends of the filter industry. The development work can only be a simple imitation and cloning of the automatic winding filter function, and it cannot be truly developed. Market value products.

Thirdly, the research and development of any product requires a process of repeated verification. How can it achieve the most perfect functional state without repeated product function verifications and repeated deliberations and modifications? However, because of the limited quantity needed by enterprises for self-use, there is no way to test the feasibility of multiple production and commissioning, which fails to reach the ultimate goal of product development.

To sum up, the customer develops the automatic rolling filter product by himself, which saves costs on the surface. In fact, it requires a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources, time, management costs, and many uncontrollable factors. The overall cost is the lowest. Tens of thousands yuan, tens of thousands yuan According to the current sales price of the winding filter of Nanjing Yixiou, you can already buy several finished products and use them easily. Therefore, the professional wound filter is still left to the professional supplier Nanjing Yixiou to do, and the customer needs to do more professional things in their own industry.

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