Efficient use characteristics of Nanjing air shower

May 22, 2019 Industry News 168 views

The Nanjing air shower has the characteristics of small indoor space, so it is only for the production staff to remove impurities. Its high-efficiency use characteristics depend on its own characteristics. The single-person air shower room is all equipped with foamed heat-insulating color wall panels and aluminum alloy components, and then equipped with a centrifuge fan and primary and high-efficiency air filters. The appearance and shape are both artistic, rigorous construction procedures, simple and simple to repair, and simple and clear to operate. Let’s take a look at the specific application characteristics.

1. Full automatic control

Nanjing Fenglinmen has a distinct and simple structure, and its operation also adopts the scientific and technological concept of full automation. When a human body walks into the cabinet door, the machine will automatically open the double doors, and then when the person enters the room, it will automatically close the double doors and start the clean operation procedure. Fully automation reflects the characteristics of efficient operation of single air shower room.

Second, the configuration is efficient and basic

Like all air showers, the single air shower also has its own basic configuration-stainless steel doors, door frames, handles, thickened floor panels, and air shower nozzles. Each configuration is interconnected and coordinated with each other, so as to achieve effective unity of efficient operation. The basic configuration makes it easier for production personnel to operate, thereby improving the efficiency of the equipment.

Three, silent and non-interference

The single-person air shower room adopts mute technology and constructs a mute system. When the staff enters the operating equipment, the whole room is noise-free, which will not cause noise impact on the work of other production staff and improve the work efficiency of the staff.

Four, air freshening

The equipment room of the air shower room adopts a unique and efficient air freshening function system, and after a close cleaning method, the uncomfortable odor generated in the long-term closed air shower room and air shower channel is effectively removed, creating a more comfortable and comfortable for the staff environment of.

The automatic and noise-free and efficient use of Nanjing air shower equipment makes production more convenient, makes production staff more efficient, and makes the production environment more beautiful. It is your first choice for air cleaning equipment.

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