Ecolead wrap-around air filter is popular, professional design attracts more users

May 18, 2019 company news 302 views

When it comes to winding filters, many customers are familiar with it. This equipment is mainly used for fresh air pre-filtration in sewage treatment plants and central ventilation systems. Because of its obvious advantages, the device is favored by users. Today, we invite senior product engineers from Ixio to share the unique features of the equipment. We hope that after the introduction, everyone will have more understanding to purchase this product.

l   Unique technology: It has many advantages compared with the traditional primary filter. The technical principle adopted by the filter adds a lot of technical content, which is in line with the characteristics of modern equipment. Gradually replace human labor with automation. Adopt the filter medium to absorb the solid, liquid and gaseous components that need to be filtered, the filtering effect is obvious, the particle size is 8um, and the filtering efficiency is ≥95% ;

l   High working efficiency: The equipment uses patented technology and the method of air turbulence reverse cleaning, so that there is no clogging problem due to the viscosity of the filter material, and there is no need to use chemicals for cleaning. Through the PLC automatic control program, from the end of the installation of the equipment to the exhaustion of the entire roll of filter material, there is no need for any personnel to participate. The filter material is automatically replaced when the preset value is reached. If the motor fails, it will automatically alarm, and there will be a voice switch when the filter material is exhausted. Notify personnel to replace a new roll of filter material, and the reserved signal interface can also monitor the on-site operation in the main control room. Work process monitoring is much simpler, PLC is accurate and reliable, and the failure rate is low. It is a good application to replace plate air filters.

l   High quality: The quality of any equipment is directly related to the service life of the equipment. The quality of the winding filter is quite reliable. From the selection of raw materials to the production and processing, each link has a special quality inspector. Only when the standard is reached It will be on the market, so the quality of this equipment is quite reliable. If it is used normally and correctly, it can reach more than ten years, which greatly extends the service life, reduces the number of subsequent maintenance, and reduces the maintenance cost.

l   Simple and convenient operation: Although the wound air filter is a kind of high-tech equipment, the operation method of this equipment is very simple. Even users who use it for the first time can easily use the PLC provided by our company after being familiar with it several times. The control panel performs various technical confirmations and parameter adjustments. The remaining unrolled times of the filter material and the relevant parameters for replacing the filter material in the future can be queried on the control screen. Combining with the product manual provided by Ecolead can easily get to the core of technical operation, easy operation and maintenance.

l   Reasonable price: Although the advantages of so many winding filters have been analyzed, if the initial investment is too high and customers cannot accept the price, Ecolead winding filters will not be able to open the market and achieve good results. Our company’s price positioning is very reasonable, with high quality and low price. It has truly achieved a cost-effective effect, which is acceptable to most users, and it has really helped users solve many problems.

The above is a brief introduction to the winding filter. The unique characteristics of this equipment, I believe that through the above analysis, it will be helpful to everyone. If users need to purchase Ecolead wound air filters, please feel free to contact our sales staff. Our company has reached long-term strategic cooperation with many water companies, environmental protection engineering companies, blower manufacturers, and air-conditioning manufacturers. We look forward to your call.

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