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In response to the needs of our customers, the company has introduced an upgraded automatic winding air filter with a pipe reducing and flange mouth, which is convenient for the front and back connection with the blower, air conditioning unit, humidifier, muffler equipment, etc., avoiding the customer alone The problem that the on-site installation fails to fix the connection after purchasing the wound filter.

l   Duct type housing + vertical winding filter

Often used in environments where space is not restricted  

l Air duct shell + horizontal winding filter

Horizontal automatic winding filters are often used in small or short spaces. When the space height is limited, we must strictly consider the effective filter area to meet the required air volume. The wide and long design of the horizontal automatic winding filter can be installed in a small space and can meet the air volume design requirements.

When the automatic winding filter is used to filter harmful particles or irritating gases, the operator has to enter the closed space of harmful dust or irritating gases when replacing the raw material. The operator will be injured. Through the patented design of the filter box type horizontal automatic winding filter, the operator does not need to enter the operation to replace the filter material, which is very safe and convenient

Control function details:

Standard function

Power indicator

Motor protection

Filter material alarm indication

Manual/automatic control

Optional function

Differential pressure display

Filter material alarm signal output (passive signal dry contact)

Motor running/fault signal output (passive signal dry contact)

Product size and air volume parameter table

Note: 1. The air volume value calculated at the above wind speed @2.5m/s

2. When the width>06ft, it needs to be divided into multiple units and assembled

3. Can provide customers with a variety of non-standard size customization

Standard drawings:

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