Does the air purifier you use meet these standards?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 210 views

Recently, the smog in the north has become more and more serious, and many primary and secondary schools have even suspended classes. This makes many families want to improve the air quality at home through air purification equipment, but the effect is not ideal.

So how do we choose an air purifier? Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has released the air purifier standards, here can be a reference for everyone. The national standard of “Air Purifier” (GB/T18801-2015) has proposed that an excellent air purifier should have the characteristics of “three highs and one low”, that is, high CADR value (clean air volume) + high CCM value (cumulative Purification capacity) + high purification energy efficiency + low noise. And in the recent statement, it also stipulated the maximum purification index and noise requirements of the air purifier products used in rooms of different sizes to remove PM2.5, formaldehyde and other organic volatiles, and also stipulated the purification index of the product under the silent state for the first time. Claim.

Therefore, when we buy an air purifier, we can refer to the above standards to see if it meets the requirements. We buy air filters to improve air quality, not to buy them and put them in our homes. But buying back an air purifier that meets the standards has not been done once and for all. Our use or operation irregularities will affect the efficiency of the air purifier. So how to avoid it?

The first is installation. Improper installation will affect the purification efficiency of the air purifier.

The second is maintenance, which is very important. Any machine must be maintained, even the smartest machine cannot be completely separated from manpower.

Therefore, when we buy the air purifier back, we must maintain it regularly and use it scientifically. Only in this way can it maximize its value.

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