Dialysis on the Principles of Automatic Roller Filter Selection

May 22, 2019 Industry News 207 views

As a clear stream in the air filtration industry, the automatic roller shutter filter can filter impurities and dust in the air in a large area. However, the diversified functions of the roller shutter air filter and the uneven quality of the brand have become a recognized fact in the industry. For users, the selection is also a big problem. The biggest confusion is that many roller shutter filter products are similar in appearance, but the actual prices are very different. Due to the relatively high price of a single unit, it is really very difficult to select a cost-effective manufacturer among domestic manufacturers. Some of them advertise their products with the highest market share, and those with the lowest prices of their own brands. Various market information is constantly bombarding us with business, which really hurt the purchasing staff.

With a realistic attitude, the editor has really compiled dry goods suitable for the selection of automatic roller shutter filters for the selection process, through multi-level comparisons, and more satisfactory results can be obtained.

1. Roller shutter filter is based on good technical performance

Whether the products of roller shutter filter manufacturers are based on mainstream technology design is the most important criterion for judging. Although there is no standard national standard for the roller shutter filter, there are already established standards in the design institute and professional and technical personnel, such as frame structure, transmission mechanism, and basic functions of automatic control. If the candidate manufacturer’s technology understands and can surpass these standards, then the roller shutter air filter is easy to get technical support, and its scalability is better. It can be unanimously recognized by the designer, construction party, and acceptance party. Due to the different production design and process technology of each manufacturer, the filtering effect is different. Although some manufacturers advertise low prices, they sacrifice the user experience and reduce the necessary functions. The consequences are definitely not worth the loss.

2. The roller shutter filter complies with the company’s equipment procurement strategy

In order to improve work efficiency and meet the needs of purification levels, companies are already formulating or improving procurement strategies. In this case, when choosing an automatic roller shutter filter, you need to consider whether it is in line with the company’s long-term procurement strategy. Our standard products are divided into local electric control cabinet control, standard remote control interface, and can be networked with the central control room. In the central control room, the operating status of the roller shutter filter, the missing filter material and the operation of the motor can be monitored. . It can fully match the customer’s development situation and connect with the upper-level central control PLC. At present, most suppliers do not have this function.

3. Roller shutter filters lead the development direction of filtration technology

Due to the rapid technological update of automation products, it may happen that the company’s winding filter standard formulation lags behind the filter technology update, which will lead to no standard basis for product selection. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the candidate roller shutter filter conforms to the development direction of future technology. Although the price of some winding filters is low, customers are easy to be tempted by the price advantage when purchasing, but the automatic control function is weak, and the control system is an integrated circuit board, which is not conducive to the integration and improvement of the control system in the future. The control module is an integrated circuit board, which is not conducive to the maintenance and upgrading of the product in the future.

4. Roller shutter filter meets open and expandable requirements

The automatic roller shutter filter has good scalability, which means that the customer’s filtering needs change, the filter equipment can be adjusted and upgraded to match the variability of the demand, so that the original investment can be effectively protected and improved, so as to get a good overall Input-output efficiency. To meet the requirements of openness, not only is it required that the automatic roller shutter filter control system can be independent of hardware and PLC, more technical support can be obtained during system development and construction, and it is easy to upgrade, and the open control system can be integrated with existing information resources , The formation of a unified integrated centralized control, saving manpower, material resources and financial resources, so that it can become a true automatic control winding filter product.

5. Roller shutter filter manufacturers have successful application examples

The eyes of the masses are discerning. Generally speaking, excellent products or technologies will be more widely used. Therefore, in the process of selecting a winding filter manufacturer , try to investigate the application effect in related fields as much as possible. For the application of spray automatic rolling curtain filter, you can ask for application cases in the painting industry. Pharmaceutical factory automatic rolling filter can ask for application cases of pharmaceutical factory. The central air conditioning fresh air system can refer to the case of the large-area fresh air filter winding filter. Investigating the market share of candidate manufacturers’ technical products and cases in related fields are a powerful reference for product evaluation.

I hope that the above content will provide some help and guidance for everyone’s selection of automatic roller shutter filters. Our company’s automatic roller shutter filter products have a wealth of performance in the spraying industry, hospital medicine, laboratory clean workshops, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the professional sales staff of Nanjing Yixiou Company.

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