Detailed technical parameters of Nanjing Yi Xiou Ecolead automatic rolling curtain air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 312 views

Nanjing Yixi’s Ecolead automatic roller shutter filter series products are widely used in various types of VOC organic waste gas, rubber and PVC waste gas purification, artificial leather waste gas purification, spray paint mist purification, waste gas treatment generated by the textile industry stereotyped finishing process, metal processing, The oil fume and waste gas treatment in the food processing, building materials, hotel and catering industries, and hospitals, schools and other public utilities areas has the characteristics of stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effects, low investment, automatic operation, and convenient maintenance and operation. Mainly used in machinery processing industry, petrochemical industry, chemical pharmaceutical industry, municipal waste industry, textile printing and dyeing, leather, food and other industries

1.   Features:
1. Automatically replace the filter material;
2. Pressure difference control;
3. Module assembly;
4. Sturdy structure;
5. The filter material can be presented in various forms such as vertical type, horizontal type, “V” type, etc.
6. Efficiency: G3, G4, F5, F6 (EN779)

2 .      Structure description:

Differential pressure discrimination : use the Dwyer differential pressure switch to monitor whether the filter material on the filter surface needs to be replaced, to avoid the waste of filter material and resources caused by human operation errors, and to ensure that the filter achieves the best filtration efficiency and the most economical operation mode during operation

Dual control of time /pressure difference: The pressure difference signal starts the filter material update program, and the time controls the filter material winding time. Each winding filter is strictly tested before leaving the factory, and the winding time of each material change is accurately preset. In the PLC control program of the roller shutter filter, accurate material change is realized, avoiding any waste of filter material, and keeping the equipment in the best filtering state

Filter material alarm reminder: When the entire filter material roll is nearly used up, the buzzer will alert the customer to replace the new filter material roll. At the same time, the signal will be transmitted to the upper level PLC control system, and the double insurance will prompt the replacement of a new filter roll material
Vertical design : standard winding of filter material from top to bottom
V-shaped design: The filter material is presented in a “V” shape, which increases the overall effective filtration area of the filter while reducing resistance. The effective filtration area is doubled and the initial resistance is reduced by half.

Horizontal horizontal design : the filter material is wound horizontally, patented design, maintenance personnel can complete the refueling work without entering the inside of the filter, the refueling is simple and convenient, and it is suitable for filtering places with large air volume and cannot be stopped.

3.   Material table :

Frame : industrial aluminum profile with sand surface oxidation, cold-rolled steel plate baking varnish, stainless steel materials are available for different use environments

New filter material box : sealed material box protects the new filter material from contamination in a dirty environment

Lower filter material reel : the effective filter area will be reduced after the old filter box is installed

Electric control cabinet : Siemens LOGO control, PLC control

Motor transmission device : high-performance environmentally friendly geared motor, ultra-low power 100W. Three-phase 380V or single-phase 220.50Hz power supply is optional

Filter material : synthetic fiber, the length is determined according to the length of the wound filter

Control function details :

Power indicator

Motor protection

Filter material alarm indication

Manual/automatic control conversion

Filter material exhaustion alarm signal output (passive signal dry contact)

Motor operation fault signal output (passive signal dry contact)

Differential pressure value display (optional)

4.   Product application areas:

Pre-filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems

Paint mist exhaust gas filtration in painting workshop

VOC organic waste gas filtration

Rubber and PVC exhaust gas purification

Treatment of waste gas generated by the textile finishing process,

Metal processing waste gas treatment

Sewage treatment plant blower inlet air pre-filtering textile factory air conditioning return air filter equipment cooling industrial ventilation metallurgical industry sintering system purification power plant gas turbine air inlet system pre-filtering expressway equipment engine room or culvert ventilation subway and civil air defense engineering ventilation coal industry tunnels with large air volume ventilation Environment with high dust content and frequent replacement of filter media

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