Detailed explanation of automatic rolling filter material and control selection

May 22, 2019 Industry News 191 views

Today, I will introduce to you how to choose an automatic rolling filter. How to choose when we need purification equipment to purify the air? In this era of information explosion, how can we find suitable, effective and satisfying products in all kinds of publicity? Next, I will introduce you in detail:

First, choose one of the many purification equipment. Most of the popular ones on the market are automatic winding filters, which are widely loved because of their convenient operation and excellent performance.

So where is the convenient operation of the automatic rolling filter? Perhaps some clever readers can tell from the name that the biggest advantage of “automatic rolling filter” is of course its automation. Where is its automation? If you have used some primary filter, you may realize the advantages of automatic winding filter. The advantage of it is superior to the primary filter in that it does not require people to frequently change the filter cotton, only when the whole roll When the filter is used up, a reminder will be issued to remind you to replace it. If you want manual control, you can also set it to manual control.

When we choose the filtering equipment, but don’t rush to put it into use, this is also exquisite. If you are a friend in the industry, you should pay attention to the material of the filter frame when you choose an automatic winding filter. Because the air to be filtered contains corrosive substances, it needs to be made of stainless steel; in special environments that are particularly corrosive and the salt spray is particularly heavy, SUS316L can be used. Ordinary places such as electronics factories and food factories can use filters of ordinary materials such as aluminum or sprayed materials.

In short, the selection of the automatic winding filter needs to choose the automatic winding filter suitable for your own use in terms of frame material and function according to the site environment and use requirements.

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