Daily lubrication and maintenance procedures for automatic roller shutter filters

May 22, 2019 Industry News 233 views

As a professional manufacturer of automatic roller shutter filters , the technical staff of our company summarized the basic matters and maintenance requirements that should be paid attention to during the daily maintenance of this type of filter in order to make the filter more stable and lasting to serve customers . If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. Regular maintenance of the filter is a meticulous job of sharpening the knife and not cutting wood by mistake. If the usual work is done, the filter can operate effectively and normally for a long time, which is a multiplier operation. In general, the automatic roller shutter filter is a filter product that is easy to maintain and easy to operate. Regular maintenance can keep the performance of the filter in good condition, the filtering effect reaches a high standard, and the service life is longer. . Dear customers and friends, has your roller shutter filter been maintained today?

Roll-up filter lubrication table

Serial number

Lubrication position

Oil change interval

Lubricant model



Roller shutter filter

Transmission mechanism


3 months

2#Extreme Pressure Lithium Grease

Right amount


Roll-up filter maintenance table

Serial number




PLC control system of roller shutter filter

Weekly patrol, moderately clean the surface to prevent dust from entering the interior and affecting the control function

Open and close the whole process at least once a month, confirm that the switch is in place, and the stroke control is accurate and effective


Roller shutter filter

Transmission mechanism

Monthly inspection, moderately clean the surface dust and stains

Refill grease as required


Roller shutter filter

Frame body

Open and close the whole at least once every 3 months to confirm that the transmission mechanism, the control system are effective and operating normally

Wipe and accumulate dust on the main body at least once a month

Carry out a major guarantee every 1 to 2 years, check whether it is sealed with the wall, and check whether it is firmly fixed with the surroundings


Roller shutter filter

Special filter material

Make monthly inspections to check whether the filter material is hooked to the frame or the profile switch, which will affect the next winding of the filter material and also affect the normal operation of the control system. Properly confirm the number of times the filter material can be used on the machine, and also need to know the situation of the stock spare parts, in case the filter cotton is exhausted but there is no matching filter material replacement situation

The above are some precautions for regular maintenance of the roller shutter filter. We hope that customers can follow our maintenance time and maintenance details to carry out formal maintenance on the filter products you buy, so that the service life of the product can be longer.

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