Correct operation specification of automatic rolling air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 204 views

If the roller curtain air filter is to operate safely and without error, it must be operated in strict accordance with its operating specifications, and the operating methods and operating rules cannot be changed at will, so that the air filtration can reach the target. So what are the operating specifications of the filter in simple terms? Let the editor give you a detailed introduction, I hope it will be helpful to relevant people.

1. Before the roll-up air filter starts to use, we must make preparations before starting. First, check the operating environment of the equipment, whether it has the operating conditions, whether the surrounding equipment has been checked, whether there are closed equipment or can If it is running, but the operation is not carried out according to the specification, it should be determined before starting, and then check whether the surrounding of the equipment has been sealed off to prevent unfiltered gas from entering the interior and causing the system to fail to filter.

2. If the inspection is correct, start the operation device, pay attention to the replacement of the filter material during the operation, the operator should not be careless, if the filter material is not replaced for a long time, the previous work will be abandoned, so be sure to watch the process .

3. Replace the filter material to ensure good sealing performance. The installation must be well-balanced without venting. Check the specifications of the filter material before installation to prevent the size of the filter material from being inconsistent with the size of the equipment, and ensure air when replacing Do not leak, and do a good job of safety protection.

4. After the equipment is running, do a good job of shutting down, clean up each structure, check the complete condition of the parts, and repair and replace the missing parts in time to ensure the good use of the next operation.

In summary, the operating specifications of the automatic rolling curtain air filter can be summarized as preparation before starting, observation during operation, adjustment during operation, and maintenance after shutdown. Only in accordance with the operating specifications of the filter can the operation of the equipment be guaranteed. Unobstructed, the filtering effect can reach the standard. Therefore, it is recommended that the equipment user read the equipment’s operating specifications and the rated power and voltage requirements before operating to ensure safe production.

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