Classification and advantages of Nanjing dust-free sheds

May 22, 2019 Industry News 197 views

Nanjing dust-free shed is also called clean shed, purification shed and dust cover. It is a partial purification equipment that can improve the air cleanliness level and increase the qualified rate of products. The following introduces the classification and advantages of Nanjing dust-free sheds.

    First, turbulent flow type dust-free shed

The air enters the clean room through the air duct and the air filter of the clean room through the air-conditioning box, and returns to the air through the compartments on both sides of the clean room. Non-linear motion is irregular motion or vortex state. The turbulent clean room relies on the supply air flow to dilute the indoor air and dilute the polluted air to clean the air.

   Advantages: The product structure is simple, reducing the cost of the construction system. It is easier to expand the clean room. In some special places, the dust-free shed can be used together with the dust-free workbench, which can improve the air level of the dust-free room.

   Second, laminar flow clean shed

   Laminar flow clean sheds are also divided into horizontal laminar flow and vertical laminar flow. The laminar air flow runs in a uniform linear shape, and the air is returned from the raised floor or the partition walls on both sides.

1. Horizontal laminar flow type: Single direction is blown out horizontally by the filter, and dust is discharged outside with the wind direction. Generally, the air pollution is more serious in the downstream.

  Advantages: simple structure, stable operation in a short time.

2. Vertical laminar flow type: covered by a filter, air blowing from top to bottom. The cleanliness is improved, and the dust can be quickly removed from the outdoors during the production process without affecting other working areas.

   Advantages: management is relatively easy, short-term operation can be stable, and there is no excessive impact on the staff.

  Third, composite clean shed

  The compound type is turbulent flow type and laminar flow type for compounding or combined use, which can provide ultra-clean air to the space.

1. It can save operating costs for clean tunnels.

2. It can save energy for clean pipelines and it is not the most suitable for automated production.

3. Use in the clean room with partial installation, clean the workbench, clean the work shed, clean the air cabinet, etc.

  In summary. Nanjing dust-free shed can not only improve the air quality, but also improve the air grade and the qualification rate of products. Each category has advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your own needs, control the project budget and operating costs, so as to maximize the role of the clean shed.


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