Cause analysis and troubleshooting of the continuous alarm of the automatic winding air filter buzzer

May 16, 2019 Industry News 208 views

The standard control system of Nanjing Ecolead wrap-up filter is PLC automatic control. During the operation of the actual filter, the buzzer on the electric control cabinet has been alarming. What causes the above problems? What should I do? Deal with the solution:

The buzzer is when the entire roll of filter material is used up, the travel switch will act, and the PLC will send a warning signal when receiving the signal to remind the filter material to be replaced. The filter material alarm remote dry contact (A3, A4) in the electric control box is also The same function, the main difference between the two is an on-site alarm and a remote alarm. When the alarm signal appears, replace the filter material. Because the alarm signal only appears when the travel switch is activated, check the travel switch at the upper right corner of the front of the device to see if it is normal.
The most common reason is that the silk thread on the filter material wraps the travel switch, and the travel switch is always in the closed state (the line is connected to the normally open contact), and a signal is always sent to the PLC. At this time, just remove these threads. Another possibility is that the limit switch has failed. The identification method is to observe whether there is a red number 1 in the row of X input terminal above the PLC. If there is and always exists, it means that the travel switch is malfunctioning, and you can replace it.

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