Briefly describe the working process of Nanjing Yixiou roller shutter filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 186 views

The use of roller shutter filters is very widespread. They are often used in sewage treatment plants, spraying plants, garbage treatment plants, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, etc., and are used in some production links that require air filtration processes, so the scope of application is very wide. Yes, how does the roller shutter filter work, and what are the specific work processes? As a professional manufacturer of automatic roller shutter filters , we will come to the science popularization of the above content:

     The filter technology of the roller shutter filter is widely used, and the process is not very complicated. The filter material is installed on the loading box. When the air to be filtered enters the filter, the pressure of the air filter will appear and gradually increase Rise, when the pressure rises to a certain stage, it will touch the switch of the controller, let the controller receive the open signal source, and then start the motor, after the motor starts, the air in the feeding box will be brought into Into the unloading box, at the same time filter out unwanted air components. When the air filtering is completed, the pressure of the gas will be reduced, and the signal transmission will be stopped when a certain indicator of the controller is reached, and the operation of the motor will be stopped, and the entire operation process will be completed.

    In the whole process, the components in the air are purified very cleanly. Its principle also uses the air filter device that converts the pressure difference in the filter before and after the filter into a sensorable electromagnetic signal, and then updates and replaces the filtered material. Achieve the effect of air filtration and dust removal.

Roller curtain filter is a new type of equipment for dust removal, air filtration, ventilation and ventilation. It has good filtering efficiency, better filtering and dust removal effect, and the stability of PLC automatic control is better than some traditional equipment. , The selectivity of gas is also more extensive, and it is also widely used in the field of ventilation, such as underground shopping malls, subways, civil air defense channels, etc. The air is turbid, and it exists in places where air filtration is required, and it is heavier. It is light, relatively small in structure, and simple in operation and convenient to use. It is a necessary equipment for air filtration procedures in many industries.

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