Brief introduction of the production process of Nanjing Yixiou roller blind filter cotton

May 22, 2019 Industry News 238 views

Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. Dust has an impact on the human body, production and even the ecological environment. China and the world are paying attention to environmental issues. Not only people need to keep clean air, but also the operation of machines, the accuracy and service life of work. Affected by the dust in life, the roller blind filter plays a major role. The importance of the roller blind filter is self-evident. Let us learn the production process of the roller blind filter together.

First, blending

Mainly according to the different requirements of customers, different types of fiber cotton are weighed in different proportions and then added to the mixer for mixing to obtain a uniformly mixed fiber cotton;

Second, open

Use special equipment to make the mixed fiber cotton into fibers with uniformly stretched tows. This process mainly uses a licker roller device to forcefully open the fiber cotton, which is carried out twice, and finally the fan is sent to the mixing box for further mixing. This process is mainly to turn the fiber cotton block into a cotton bundle. ;

Third, combing and laying the net

This is an important step for the orderly arrangement of fiber cotton, which completes the problem of orientation. After the fiber cotton is made into a uniformly distributed cotton layer, it is delivered to the upper screen, and then laid into a net, completed by shaking the screen back and forth, and finally sent to the oven for the next step.

Fourth, finalize

The hot air is applied first, and then the cold air is applied. The former uses low-melting fiber to melt and bond various fibers together to form a mixed fiber cotton, and the latter is mainly used for cold air shaping;

Fifth, curl

This is the last step in the production of fiber cotton, and of course it cannot be ignored. It is mainly cut according to actual needs and then rolled into rolls for use by manufacturers.

The above is the production process of roller blind filter cotton . Although it seems simple and easy to implement, each step of the production of a good roll of filter cotton cannot be underestimated. Only by treating each step seriously can the quality be produced. The filter cotton can hold up a piece of clean air for people.

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