Brief introduction of centrifugal fan roller shutter air filter equipment

May 22, 2019 Industry News 179 views

1. The centrifugal fan roller shutter air filter equipment is composed of a filter box and an automatic air filter (two units in parallel)

2. This type of air filtration type has the functions of large processing flow, low resistance and high filtration efficiency, so that the filtration resistance is always constant at a certain value set by the inlet differential pressure switch, and it can automatically wind the filter material and alarm at the end of the material. The control box is equipped with exquisite three-color warning lights, and the inspectors can judge the working condition of the filter according to the flashing color of the warning lights.

3. Filter box body: is a 40*40 square tube welded anti-bird net frame, filter material replacement platform, 80 channel steel chassis, main box body welded by high 5000mm, wide 4500mm and 6mm Q235 steel plate, Tianyuan local reducing joint and Composed of DN2200 elbows, this box can bear a negative pressure load greater than 15kpa, and the total weight is 7.8 tons. Thanks to the square tube frame support, the box can withstand greater negative pressure loads. The bird-proof net can prevent birds and other The fowls are sucked into the filter by the suction of the centrifugal fan. Due to the large size of the filter box, it needs to be welded and assembled on site.

4. The automatic roller shutter filter is a unique product with patented independent intellectual property rights, which is made up of the feeding box. Stopper bar, pressure bar, blanking box, column, reduction motor, transmission machinery, control box, imported differential pressure switch and winding filter material. When the filter is working, the filter resistance can always be maintained at the setting of the differential pressure switch When the resistance reaches a certain value, the wind resistance will be automatically updated and the wind resistance will drop, so that the wind resistance will always be maintained at a certain value, which can be controlled by no one. The material will alarm immediately at the end, and there is a dry contact remote transmission alarm by the operator The filter material is replaced. This type of filter has low resistance, large processing flow, and automatically updates the filter material, so that the motor of the fan will never be overloaded.

5. Automatic rolling curtain air filters are widely used in aeration and air inlet filtration of sewage treatment plants, air-conditioning fresh air inlet filtration, iron and steel plants, fan inlet air filtration and other industries.

6. The automatic winding air filter belongs to the initial efficiency level of air filter, which belongs to G3, G4 level (EN779). The winding filter adopts a stepped manufacturing method. The filter layer can effectively intercept dust particles in the air. The dust holding capacity of a square meter can reach 1kg, and each roll of filter material can be guaranteed to be replaced at least 6 times.

7. Technical parameters of automatic roller shutter air filter

1. Equipment type: (two units in parallel)

2. Processing flow: according to customer needs

3. Filtering wind speed: 1.5-2.5m/s is recommended

4. Filter update resistance: it can be set on site

5. Initial resistance: 70pa

6. Filter grade: G4 (EN779)

1μm filtration accuracy is 70%

5μm filtration accuracy is 80%

8μm filtration accuracy is 90%

7. Power: 0.55kw (380v/3/52HZ)

8. Ambient temperature: -40~40℃

9. Relative temperature: 90%

10. Pressure resistance capacity of the filter box: ~15kpa

8. Automatic rolling screen filter control type: The control box with special requirements has local and remote control programs, and can be networked with the central control room.

9. According to 4.1.2 in the national standard of GB/T14295-2008 air filter, it is classified by type (d) winding type, but there is no single national standard for this winding type product.

Warranty description: automatic rolling curtain air filter, when the equipment is installed, technicians will be sent to guide the installation on site, and free training will be provided to the owner and operators, so that they should know and should know.

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