Automatic roller shutter filter manufacturers advise you how to choose automatic roller shutter filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 200 views

The increasingly severe air pollution problem has caused many companies to develop product production yields and gas and sewage up-to-standard discharge problems into a bottleneck until the emergence of air filters, which brings the hope of sustainable development for companies. The role of the filter in the enterprise is reflected in two points, one is to provide a good working environment for the production of the enterprise, and the other is to purify the waste water and waste gas discharged by the enterprise. The automatic rolling curtain air filter is so important to the enterprise, you must pay special attention to the selection when choosing, and the editor will compile and compile some suggestions for you.

Important reminder one for roller shutter air filter manufacturers: consider the characteristics of the materials to be filtered and choose different filter materials

The main filtering object of the filter is the material. When selecting the filtering equipment, the company must first analyze the material that needs to be filtered in its own production to determine the relevant characteristics of the material, such as the concentration of the suspension, the particle size distribution of solid particles, etc. And so on, this can ensure that the filtering equipment plays a filtering role in a targeted manner. For environments with larger particle sizes and higher concentrations, G3 is used, and G4’s primary chemical fiber filter cotton is sufficient. For environments with volatile or toxic gases, consider using activated carbon filter materials, and consider explosion-proof treatment for the overall equipment. For the paint mist purification system, it is considered to use the paint mist filter of the paint mist industry to match the two-pronged filter to achieve a better filtering effect.

Important reminder for roller shutter air filter manufacturers 2: Determining the processing capacity of automatic roller shutter filter equipment is the key to selecting the right size

Some companies may have a relatively large production scale, and the processing air volume of the filter is quite large, so the size of the corresponding winding filter will also be relatively large. Nowadays, some leading companies in the optoelectronics industry purchase dozens of coiled air filters from our company to form a whole surface of fresh air filter wall, which achieves the filtering effect systematically on a large area. At the same time, there are also a large number of automated control methods. This saves the cost of manpower replacement of the filter.

Important reminder three for filter manufacturers: Fully consider the production environment and choose different designs of automatic roller shutter air filters

The production environment of the enterprise has a great influence on the design and selection of filters. If the temperature of the filter material is too high, special treatment is required. The use of high-temperature filters and vacuum filtration equipment can hardly reach the standard filtration efficiency. It is recommended to use a pressurized filter at this time; if the material is highly toxic, it is necessary to ensure good sealing of the filter equipment to prevent leakage of toxic substances. The design method of the automatic roller shutter filter is also recommended to use Nanjing Yixiou Company Patented design, replace the filter material from the outside, avoid entering and exiting the ventilation system, and protect the life and production safety of personnel.

The above is the three tips of how to choose automatic roller shutter filter, which is provided by professional filter manufacturer Nanjing Yixiou. I hope to help you. Nanjing Ecolead has guaranteed product quality and perfect after-sales service. I believe it can help you. If you are interested, you can contact our staff.

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