Analyze the demand of automatic rolling filter from the customer's point of view

May 22, 2019 Industry News 198 views

As raw materials continue to rise sharply in 2017 , the traditional manufacturing industry is really struggling and losing its power. The current market competition situation is becoming increasingly fierce, customer expenditures are greatly reduced, and the demand for automatic rolling filters is severely divided. Don’t pay attention to high-quality and high-efficiency products, or pursue low-cost products that can be used. This allows us roller shutter filter manufacturers to improve product prices and services by understanding customer needs and positioning:

1.      Service relationship

Today’s salespersons are not simply selling orders for roller shutter air filters. They should be customer-oriented, establishing a strong and loyal relationship between the supplier and the customer as a prerequisite, and thinking about the customer’s design everywhere. Considering the cost of customers and the convenience of customers everywhere, can we finally select the most suitable roller shutter filter product for customers.

Not a few days ago, a customer inquired for a manual roller shutter air filter. The new business recommended him to use our latest ducted roller shutter filter. Although this equipment is very convenient and practical, it is not compatible with The budgets of customers are very different, so we must think about the selection of roller blind filter from the perspective of customers.

2.      Whether to save energy and manpower

    At present, domestic labor costs are getting higher and higher, and many foreign-funded labor-intensive companies have moved to Vietnam, India and some Southeast Asian countries. Then we need to focus on the need to save human resources when selecting the automatic rolling filter. In the case of reasonable prices and controlled proportions, the lowest maintenance cost is achieved, whether it is from the perspective of energy saving or labor saving, this is the best choice for customers. In this way, it is also possible to cooperate with the customer to submit the best answer to the analysis of the return on investment and the future operating expenses.

3. Meet the emission standards

    The reason why many customers buy automatic rolling shutter filters is to filter the organic waste gas mixed in the air and meet the increasingly stringent emission standards. So even though the budget of the filter may increase, the customer will feel that the investment cost is too large and lose the confidence to modify the air filtration system. As a professional salesperson, we still recommend that the customer should increase the filter section or increase the low pressure difference. It is necessary to improve the filtration efficiency.

           The above are some of our conscience as an automatic rolling filter manufacturer. In this era of material desires and impetuous hearts, only by not forgetting the original intention can we gain more trust and support from customers.

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