Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various winding filter media

May 22, 2019 Industry News 221 views

With the further development of modern industry, the processing technology level of filter material is further improved, and the performance of filter material can be greatly improved by adopting some special treatments. Ecolead automatic winding filter media is divided into F702, F721, F722 series. F702 and filter element F721 are used to filter coarse and fine dust particles in ventilation and air conditioning systems. F722 is used to filter macromolecular organics, iron oxides and residual chlorine in chemical gases
F702 filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, which is infiltrated with dust adhesion medium, which improves the blocking rate and prevents the penetration of dust stored in the entire depth of the filter material. High temperature resistance
F721 is composed of chemical fiber, non-wetting, and not resistant to high temperature
F722 is composed of activated carbon fiber and is not resistant to high temperatures. It mainly uses the adsorption principle of activated carbon to absorb some chemical gas components
The air permeability of the fiber is good, and the chemical fiber filter material with a non-circular fiber section has better air permeability. The temperature resistance of glass fiber is better, because its fiber is fragile and easy to segment, and the two fatal weaknesses of poor acid and alkali resistance greatly limit its scope of use. The above filter materials provide the best and most economical combination in terms of blocking rate, dust holding capacity and resistance increase characteristics.
The new type of chemical fiber filter material can achieve very good comprehensive performance, and the unit price is much lower. In terms of the long-term replacement cost, it is even more attractive. Other filter materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. They need to be used selectively according to their performance. When necessary, certain protective measures should be taken to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses.
The above filter materials are packed in the filter box, suitable for Trox winding filters, installed on paper cores or steel shafts, suitable for Nanjing Yixiou Ecolead original winding filters and roller blinds of other domestic manufacturers Type filter products.
Wrap-up filter filter cotton size: The width is determined by the width and height of the equipment. For the wrap-up filter produced by Nanjing Yixiou Company, please refer to the replacement size of the filter material in the control panel.
Wrap-up filter filter cotton grade: G3, G4, F5, F6 (EN779)

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