Air filters officially settled in office buildings: Yangzi Science and Technology Innovation Center in Jiangbei New District

May 18, 2019 company news 232 views

Air filters have been widely used in industry in the past, and are rarely used in office spaces. However, Nanjing Yixiou tested the water for the first time in office buildings and hotels in Jiangbei New District. It is expected to be used in more and more office spaces and shared facilities in the future. The PM2.5 fresh air filtration system keeps the indoor air clean and fresh at all times, breathes carefree, and creates a healthy and good indoor air environment.

The overall building of the Yangzi Science and Technology Innovation Center adopts the computer intelligent control concept. The first-phase partial and the second-phase indoor intelligent control (BAS) were constructed by Xiamen Wanan Intelligent Co., Ltd. The interlocking design of the laboratory buffer door is similar to that of the air shower room. With the design of the lock device, Nanjing Yixiou perfectly combines the design concept of industrial clean room products with commercial buildings and residences. The Yangzi Science and Technology Innovation Center demonstrates the concept of energy saving and environmental protection and advanced intelligent management mode everywhere. It will become a green and intelligent community integrating business office, technology research and development, entertainment and leisure, and living facilities.

The most worth mentioning is that the fresh air system of the Yangtze Science and Technology Innovation Center is equipped with an air filter device. The fresh air system is an independent air treatment system composed of a fresh air ventilator and pipeline accessories. The fresh air ventilator filters the outdoor fresh air. , Purification is transported indoors through pipelines, even if the outdoor environment is severely polluted, after the indoor air passes through the fresh air pipeline, it undergoes a professional initial effect to filter large particles, and after the electrostatic filter filters PM2.5, you can enjoy the freshness and nature in the room. Air environment. When the particulate matter adsorbed by the filter exceeds the standard, the pressure difference control system will send a signal to remind the filter to be replaced manually.

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