A new round of "price increase" once again swept the Nanjing clean shed market

May 22, 2019 Industry News 202 views

Immediately after the previous post about price hikes, as the editor of a Nanjing clean shed manufacturer , I wrote this article with a thunder and a whirlwind. I thought that 2017 would be a good start. As a result, the rising trend of raw material market prices in the past two weeks has been astonishing. In this boiling market environment, how many companies can survive this fatal blow? As the main products of our company, the clean shed , roller shutter air filter , air shower room, transfer window, etc., are nothing more than welding or splicing of metal materials, with personalized control schemes, and intimate on-site installation and commissioning services. There is a place in the market. Nowadays, raw materials are rising by more than 30% , and the selling price is not rising but falling. How can small and medium-sized enterprises depend on their survival?

The following editor will conduct a brief analysis of the factors that affect the market price of Nanjing purification shed, hoping to arouse the understanding and support of all customers, and work through the difficulties together.

1. Rising metal material prices lead to an increase in core costs

Beginning in September 2016, the mode of comprehensive price increases in China’s industrial sector was officially launched. The frantic rise of bulk raw materials such as coal, iron ore, and paper industry has spread to the entire industrial sector. By the end of the year, the price of metal materials has risen by more than 35% compared with the stable period. This makes the processing and manufacturing based on raw materials face Great dilemma

2. The most stringent “supervision control order” was issued, resulting in a substantial increase in freight rates

Also in September last year, the state issued the most stringent “supervision control”, and the transportation costs of our company to all parts of the country soared. Take a 4 -square roller shutter filter sent to Chengdu as an example. The unit price has risen from 700 yuan to 1,200 yuan. The price difference of 500 yuan is really stressful for manufacturers to pay for the bill.

3. Wages are rising, and labor costs are increasing

As the cost of living and housing prices continue to rise, the increase in workers’ wages is an inevitable result. Take an ordinary worker in our company as an example. The monthly salary at the time of entry in 2009 was 900 yuan, and the monthly salary in 2017 was 3,000 yuan. There is no harm if there is no comparison. If you see an amazing increase, the pressure of employers can only experience the pressure by yourself Up.

To sum up, various factors make it extremely difficult for a company like Nanjing Purification Shed, which relies heavily on raw materials. In the coming year, only by taking precautions and having a sense of crisis can we have the courage and determination to overcome the difficulties on the road. Here we encourage with many peer companies.

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