A case of equipment procurement specification for central kitchen air shower room

May 18, 2019 company news 221 views

Food is the priority for the people, and in recent years people have paid more and more attention to food hygiene issues. And many catering industries are paying more and more attention to food hygiene issues, so they purchase clean equipment to ensure food safety. Nanjing Yixiou has signed purification equipment orders with many surrounding catering industries to provide one-stop service of equipment on-site measurement design, production and installation, and commissioning training.

The main purchase of these catering industries is the central kitchen air shower . The central kitchen air shower has a standardized food processing and distribution plant and a clean cutting and distributing workshop. The staff enters the uniform dressing, shoes and hats, and uniform blowing. After the food is cut and packed, it is sent out through the delivery window. The operation of the entire central kitchen is in order, and the cleanliness management is in place.

In the future, the focus of the development of the catering industry will shift to mass catering, and mass catering, which is convenient, fast, nutritious, and affordable, will flourish. Catering companies will further improve the industrialization and scale of mass catering by establishing a unified food processing and distribution center, developing chain operations, and developing Chinese fast food. The central kitchen is precisely the format that can meet this development trend, supplemented by standardized management, clean cutting, and packaging processes, which will surely quickly seize the opportunity for mass consumption.

The central kitchen is a standardized and industrialized catering operation model, which embodies the development characteristics of the catering industry of group procurement, standardized operation, intensive production, factory distribution, professional operation and scientific management. Its role in product quality control, comprehensive utilization of resources, food safety assurance and environmental protection has been unanimously recognized by the industry. Nanjing Yixiou’s full range of purification product delivery windows, air showers, etc. meet the clean standard requirements of the central kitchen, creating the necessary cleanliness conditions for the large-scale, standardized, and industrialized production of the fast food industry.

The following is the procurement specification for the personnel air shower room in the clean area of the central kitchen of a Taiwan-funded enterprise, for customers in the catering industry to learn from

1. Equipment name: personnel air shower

2. Scope of the project: equipment provision, installation, commissioning, and warranty.

3. Project location: According to the location designated by the owner.

4. Quantity: Please refer to the equipment specification for details.

V. Delivery time: 15 days

6. Air shower equipment specifications (drawings to be submitted for confirmation):

1.1 External dimensions: A, width 2500mmX length 2000mmX height 2100mm; quantity 1 set

B. Width 1200mmX Length 1500mmX Height 2100mm; Quantity: 1

C. Width 1800mmX Length 2200mmX Height 2100mm; Quantity: 1 set

D. Width 1300mmX Length 1500mmX Height 2100mm; Quantity: 1 set

E. Width 1300mmX Length 1500mmX Height 2100mm; Quantity: 1 set

1.2 Body material: The body material is cold plate steel plate t=1.2mm or more, and powder baking varnish t=0.4-0.5mm.

1.3 Base: There is a base.

1.4 Power supply: AC /220V, φ50HZ;

1.5 Blowing status: spraying wind speed: ≥22m/sec, spraying air volume per panel ≥1300CMH.

1.6 Blowing filtration: high-efficiency filter with an efficiency of 0.3μ [email protected] 99.99% or more.

1.8 Blowing nozzle: SUS 304 stainless steel side wall buried nozzle, adjustable direction.

1.9 Door-to-door style: the door is welded with stainless steel square pass, half glass (tempered glass, t=5.0mm), half stainless steel door panel (SUS304 t=1.2mm).

1.10 Door closer brand: GMT, Duofeng

1.11 Fan brands: Shangyu, DSX

1.12 Other functional equipment:

A Lighting: Five concealed 20W fluorescent lamps with uniform light plate.

B Console: LED letter display touch-control operation panel, intelligent microcomputer loop control.

C Filling treatment: Filling all sides with silica gel.

D Maintenance method: All circuits, motors, and filters are placed on both sides of the inner wall to facilitate maintenance.

E Voice guidance system: Chinese voice, smart playback by microcomputer.

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