2017 Nanjing Isio New Year Message

May 18, 2019 company news 205 views

In a blink of an eye, 2016 has passed, and 2017 is coming. Today is the first day of the new year for all employees of Nanjing Ecolead Ecolead to go to work in 2017. The company’s 2017 prelude has kicked off in an all-round way. The company’s employees opened a new chapter in 2017 with their full working status, enthusiasm, rigorous work style, and excellent execution.

New” means new expectations at a new starting point, new tasks under new circumstances, new measures in new challenges, and new performance after new breakthroughs. It is a year where opportunities and challenges coexist. It is not only a year where the market share of winding filters has steadily increased, but also a year where the profit margins of traditional purification equipment and air filter products continue to shrink. The task is separated and the responsibility is heavy. How to keep moving forward steadily in the unfavorable market environment is a arduous task, and the responsibility is heavy. We will, as always, for the common vision of all stakeholders, respect the dignity and diversity of individuals, provide excellent talents with opportunities to fully utilize their abilities, resolutely defend employees, users, and partners to form a community of interests, win-win, share and create value. . Resolutely strive for goals, combine reality, unify ideas, gather strength, face difficulties, fully assess potential risks and development pressure, and further stimulate employees’ potential, work creatively, and open up a new situation for New Year’s work. With an open vision, effectively integrate and use all resources to create differentiated value

The new look and the new atmosphere are not based on words, not by waiting. They are based on the hard work of all of us. In the 2017 Ecolead work conference that was just held, Mr. Fu made clear requirements for everyone. A good start can lay a good foundation for the realization of the annual sales policy and sales target, provide a good guarantee, and enhance a good confidence. All departments and employees should promote their work to a new level in 2017 with good work enthusiasm and momentum.

   New year new life. Let us take the spirit of today’s meeting and take charge of the overall work. We must use digital indicators as the direction of our efforts, and we must not only work around the planned numbers, and strive for progress in stability! Standing at a new starting point in 2017, we will play morale and spirit in the opening battle, play the momentum of ECO people, and make our due contribution to the stronger and better Ecolead brand.

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